Aussie Detectorist DetectorWear Launches at The Metal Detecting World ChampionShip

DetectorWear New designs

Aussie Detectorist Detectorwear was Officially launched at the Metal Detecting world Championship with the first designs being debuted to the Public.

Uniquely Australian in Flavour the designs reflected the Hobbies of Metal detecting, Coin Shooting, Gold prospecting and Treasure Hunting with vibrant colour and all over prints.

"These are the Fishing Shirts for Detectorists", One customer said as he proudly stripped off his current shirt to replace it with the newly acquired Aussie detectorist DetectorWear Design.

The shirts are made with a 150GSM CoolTek fabric which allows then to breathe and you won't get sweat patches or have the shirts sticking to your skin.

It took some research to find the right fabric, but I think we have nailed it with comfort with the CoolTek Fabric. The Quality is actually higher than the fishing shirts sold in some chain stores for $80 or more.

All shirts have a collar and are 30+SPF rated, the 50+ ones don't breathe at all.

But remember to always be sunsmart in the bush and a bit of Zinc cream or sun cream doesn't hurt. Oh yeah and always wear a hat!

Now the Artist who makes the shirts come to Life!

Aussie mates by Jules has been instrumental in bringing these shirts to life and making them available to you. Her designs truly do encompass what it means to be a Prospector or a coin shooter and each design is 100% Unique.

Aussie mates and Aussie Detectorist have teamed up to bring you what we believe to be the first ever detectorist, Prospector related shirt range in the world.

Here are some of the designs that have been released and there are many many more to come in the future. Including another 3 in the store right now.

Aussie Detectorist Detectorwear a New brand of clothing and accessories for the Detectorist that likes to feel as cool as they look.